Pollux Protocol

Pollux Interstellar

Cheapest and fastest Cross Chain Bridge
We aim to build the cheapest cross chain bridge through a different method then usual, Liquidity Hub. Basically the swaps created from the AtomSwap are indexed in a the liquidity hub and uses other swaps Liquidity Pools for bridging
Pollux Interstellar is powered by indexing cross chain swaps on our Liquidity Hub(order book) Which will make it easy and cheap to use.
For example 5 users are swapping 100 busd from bsc to usdc on eth while 1 user is swapping 500 usdc from eth to bsc. These tokens will be sent to our Order book and it will automatically without interference calculate send the 5 users 100 usdc on eth and the 1 user 500 busd on bsc.
Atom Swap is set to Launch post Token Launch
More details post platform Launch