Pollux Protocol

Pollux Protocol Litepaper

Revolutionising Cross Chain DeFi

Inspired by one of the brightest stars in our solar system - Pollux, we are bringing Pollux Protocol to the Magnificent and ever expanding DeFi space.

What is Pollux Protocol?

Pollux Protocol is the ‘first of its kind’ Layer-3 Blockchain Ecosystem comprising 3 Main utilities. Pollux Protocol will Launch on 6 Networks - Binance Smart Chain, Arbitrum, Ethereum, Proof of Memes, Poochain, Loop network.
The Core and the Flagship Platform - Pollux Galaxy.
Pollux galaxy - Pollux galaxy is a cross chain farming & staking protocol specially designed and built for meme/low mc projects who aim to add reflections etc to their own projects. Project owners could simply head to our platform, choose the option they want for their project, add their contract address and chain, choose the rewards token and chain and simple click confirm and it will be live on our dApp. Via this projects could set up both Cross chain Staking and Cross chain auto/manual reflections. The UI will be very simple to use, we will charge the projects 0.5bnb(cheapest in the market) + 0.2bnb per week for listing. We will also provide api integrations if needed!
Pollux AtomSwap - PolluxSwap will be a multi-chain swap interconnected with the Pollux Interstellar. The main goal for this is to provide an api plugin using which projects could simply host the swap on their websites and let their investors enjoy hassle free swaps.
Pollux Interstellar - We aim to build the cheapest cross chain bridge through a different method then usual, Liquidity Hub. Basically the swaps created from the AtomSwap are indexed in a the liquidity hub and uses other swaps Liquidity Pools for bridging
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